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What should you bring to an Event?
There may be merchants at an event - so it is always good to bring money
All accept Cash, Most accept Checks, and some will be able to accept credit cards
  • If there is a feast, you need to bring feast gear, which should include:
    Something to put your food into:
    • a bowl or plate.
    • Metal or wood - usually
    • **Plastic is out - not even close to being period
  • Something to drink from:
    • goblets
    • mugs
    • chalices
    • steins
    • Metal drinking vessels conduct heat, not good for hot drinks
      • metal mugs with glass bottoms usually leak with the first fill of a hot drink.
      • Be careful with pewter - real pewter contains lead - which is poisonous]
    • Ceramic is wonderful
    • Glass should be greenish, as they couldn't make it perfectly clear yet.
    • Wood can leech out its fluids into your drinks - makes things taste weird.
    • **Plastic is out - don't even think about it
  • Utensils: fingers, knives, forks, spoons.
    • Knives - everyone carried a knife, which was sometimes used as a fork.
    • Spoons -- very handy for eating soups and stews easier to find in metal - but there are wooden, bone, antler, and shell
    • Forks - later periods used 2 tine forks, 3 or more tined forks didn't exist as eating implements.
    • Chopsticks for those with oriental personas, or those who like to eat with them
    • Fingers were widely used everywhere, and are perfectly acceptable.
  • Serving utensils, carving and bread knives are always welcome.
  • Table items - tablecloths, candles, and decorations.
    • A sheet of fabric to set the mood will serve as a tablecloth, as will a clean kilt.
    • Candles are accepted in most places as the choice of lighting.
      • Candle holders will be needed, bring something to catch the falling wax. Do not allow the wax to attach itself to a bare table - it isn't yours Some events will state that open flames are not allowed - be sure that you use something that encloses the flames - a lantern is a perfect remedy.
      • Check your event announcement before leaving to see if the flames are enclosed or open


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