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How to Run an Event
These are the basics, when I can make this more detailed I will.

If you have never run an event before in the Crown Barony of the Bridge then you will need a parent autocrat who will be there to coach and monitor your progress.

  • You need an idea for the event.
    • Many are inspired by other events that are held within the SCA.
    • Some like to mimic some special event in history that their persona may have been involved.
    • Others are inspired by a site that they have found for an event

  • Find a site (location) for an event
    • You may find a list of regularly used sites available by contacting the seneschale
    • You will find that schools, churches / synagogues, camps ( off season ), parks, are amenable to renting their space to non-profit organizations like the SCA for a reduced rate.
    • Some things to look for in an event site:
      • kitchens
      • bathrooms
      • fields for marshall arts
      • extra rooms for:
        • Royalty ( if you are planning on inviting them )
        • special private events ( ie. peerage meetings, )
        • classes
      • interior ambiance

  • People:
    • Cook
    • Setup crew
    • Cleaning crew
    • Herald
    • MOL
    • Troll
    • Marshalls

you will need to incorporate all of this information into one convenient form
( event bid form (pdf) ) [right click to download these] ( event bid form (doc) )and then submit it to the seneschale.


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