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John Bagorazzi -- Henri the Pensive
Nora Bagorazzi -- Annor of Gleninagh
David Barnes -- Maurin Lessault
Daniel Bouillon -- Kolskeggr Inn Rammi
Sharon Cattera -- Katherine O'Brien
Jessica Clark -- Irene leNoir
Dave Cormier -- Ulric von der Insel
Diane Cormier -- Clothilde von der Insel
Stephen Dias -- Brenden O'Fearghal
Amy Dickens -- Elisabeth Borden
Andrew DiLeo -- Fiónán MacLeóid of Armagh
Gail Eastwood-Stokes -- Asenath, Chamberly of Morrismount
Alison Gifford -- Alanna of Ramskeep
Alexandra Hahn -- Alexandra of Dragonford
Derek Hatzberger -- Vargus Ulfr
Michelle Hatzberger -- Áine O'Tuathail-Ulfr
Jeremy Horne -- Ciar¡n MacCionath
David K. Hurd -- Ogedei Becinjab
Denise Hurd -- Heather Von Halstern
Liz Kenney -- Elizabeth Miller of Edgewater
Toby Kimball -- Tobyn Kembold
Peter Lafrenaye -- Wulfric the Black
Steven Mesnick -- Steffan ap Kennydd of Silverwing
Kathleen Mikaelian -- Caitlin o hAodha
Mike Montefusco -- Brocciardus de Monte
Cris Morissette -- Eloi Abelard
Elizabeth Needham -- Elspeth Keyfe, Countess Neddingham
Deanna Perry -- Avelina Keyes
Michael Perry -- Kenrick of Warwick
Warren Rogers -- Sarant the Myopic
Cindy Rollins -- Lucinda de la Tambour
Jae Rose -- Melisaunde d'Ione
Pete Rose -- Ralph the Carter
Kellie San Souci -- Caitriona Mac Donaugh
Rebecca Sanderson -- Katrin Cooper
Tracie Shepard -- Caelia Blackwolf
Kelby Sisson -- Arabella Alexander
John Slack -- Bjorn Karlsson
Sally Slack-Dwyer -- Morgen Duval
Vicki Sorel -- Isabeau Du Valle
Canada Squizzero -- Auriana of Bridge
Carol Stevenson -- Vibeke Steensdatter
Brenton Sunderland -- Dorne of Clan Sutherland
Denise Sunderland -- Talya of Clan Sutherland
Sheila Sylvan -- Arianwen of Urquhart
Jason Taylor -- Jake Twelfoaks
Joe Timoteo -- Coelho Do Buraco
Amy Waggener -- Amia Turner
John Vivari   Emrys y Cynnedd
Patricia Vivari -- Emma Katherine of Wakefield
Amy Waggener -- Amia Turner
Celia Zanger -- Adelaide Wanderer
Jonathan Zanger -- Johan Gregor Wanderer
The Barony of the Bridge encomapsses the State of Rhode Island in the United States.
We reside in the East Kingdom as a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism
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