Freedom of the Bridge

nonresident service award presented in the Barony of the Bridge

freedom 12/2/84 Algernon Hartesmond
freedom 12/2/84 Aurelie de Montpelier
freedom 12/2/84 Cei Wyclif of Haewengraes
freedom 12/2/84 Diana ferch Morwyddd
freedom 12/2/84 Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragonkeep
freedom 12/2/84 Haleric Poleskovna
freedom 12/2/84 Kristen Ahearn
freedom 12/2/84 Johanna Dudley
freedom 12/2/84 Maria von Morgenrot ("Malice")
freedom 12/2/84 Salaamallah the Corpulent
freedom 12/2/84 Steffan ap Cenydd
freedom 12/2/84 Yosef Alaric of the Baliset
freedom 5/25/86 Honore Pierre d’Ardres
freedom 5/25/86 Mikhail Gregorievich of Kiev
freedom 12/1/88 Thelin von Kallenbach
freedom 12/10/89 Edwin Beerslayer
freedom 3/3/90 Kerywen
freedom 3/3/90 Esalt ferch Brun
freedom 3/2/91 Padraig dubh MacEanruig
freedom 3/2/91 Caitlin Davies
freedom 3/2/91 Justin du Coeur
freedom 12/5/92 Cerdic of Colbridge
freedom 12/5/92 Aquel of Darksted Wood
freedom 12/11/93 Caitlin Fraser
freedom 12/3/94 Cadell Random ap Hobart
freedom 12/3/94 Aceline Barrett of Seven Oaks
freedom 3/4/95 Evan Hardrada
freedom 3/4/95 Alaric Hawkwood
freedom 3/4/95 Alistair Stuart MacAlpine
freedom 12/2/95 Liam O’Donnabuhain
freedom 12/5/98 Michel Almond de Champagne
freedom 12/5/98 Nataliia Anastasia Evgenova Svyatoslavina vnuchka
freedom 2/13/99 Irene Lenoir
freedom 12/8/01 Krakken Gnashbone
freedom 12/13/03 Arianwen of Urquhart
freedom 3/24/07 Karrah the Mischievous
freedom 3/07 Céleste Le Mercier
freedom Melisaunde d'Ione
The Barony of the Bridge encomapsses the State of Rhode Island in the United States.
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