Baronial Awards

The Pillar of the Bridge is given to residents of the Barony who "do good stuff" for the group. If this sounds a little vague, it is meant to. There are a great many bits & pieces that go into making a Barony a successful group. The Service, Martial Arts, Gentle Arts, and attitude that makes up our contribution to the kingdom is all regarded equally and rewarded in this manner.

The Freedom of the Bridge was created by Elspeth Keyfe in December 1985, as a thank you to all the people she witnessed helping in the Barony. but who did not actually live in the group. She was both pleased and amazed at the amount of people from outside our borders that continued to lend support to us, and so the award is ongoing.

Awards of the East Kingdom
Awards of the SCA


The Barony of the Bridge encomapsses the State of Rhode Island in the United States.
We reside in the East Kingdom as a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism
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