Hosen Workshop/Singthing at Maurin's house

Next Monday (April 18th) our usual weekly arts & sciences gathering, Sing Thing, will take place at my (Maurin's) house. I will be hosting a class on making separate hose for both men and women. Attendees should bring a "pinning buddy" to help them drape the fabric-it's pretty much impossible to pin things on your own legs-as well as a pair of fabric scissors (not required, but helpful). Please bring shorts or braies to wear during the pinning/draping process. Some means of taking notes would also be a good thing to have with you. We will be starting around 7:30, and we'll be serving a pasta dinner. If you don't know how to get to my house, please contact me at maurin_lessault, (which is a Yahoo.com email account), and I'll give you the address.

May Baronial Meeting Change:
Monday, May 16th.
Camp Hoffman

Gathering to inspect the site at 6:00 PM.
Business meeting starts at 7:30 PM.
Saturday March 12th

Walpurgisnacht at Stonebridge Gambol House III
Friday April 29th -  Sunday, May 1st


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