New to Bridge?

Welcome to the SCA The Society is a re-enactment and re-creation organization intended for participants rather than spectators.

What we do The members of the SCA are involved in a wide range of activities and have varied interests. We are involved in everything from calligraphy to leather craft, from dancing to archery,from making natural dyes to brewing. If you have interest in a particular aspect of Medieval life, you are sure to find it here

Where do you fit in?If you don’t know where to start or what you might be interested in, take some time to observe and ask questions. Our group’s Chatelaine ( the person in charge of new people) will be glad to help point you in the right direction. However don’t feel pressured to choose something as soon as you start. The SCA encompasses people who join for fun and companionship and those who join to make a serious attempt to authentically duplicate the clothing, skills and crafts of the Middle Ages. Both types of people are welcome and both add to the enrichment of our group.

What to WearWhen attending an event the wearing of medieval garb, commonly referred to as “garb” is expected. It does not need to be anything elaborate. A t-tunic with trousers (not jeans) or a long skirt and peasant blouse for women is fine. If you find that you do not have anything in your closet that might work, not to worry. Our barony has clothing that can be borrowed. This is referred to as “Gold Key” and provides loaner garb for newcomers. This is available to borrow at the check-in table when arriving at an event.

Events If the event includes a feast, reservations may be required. Please bring or borrow something to eat on ( a cup, bowl, dish and utensils, etc). We do provide loaner feast gear for anyone who has forgotten to bring these items. For outdoor events. it is wise to bring a folding chair or blanket as well as water to drink, and a hat for protection in hot and sunny weather.

For more information about Barony of the Bridge, contact Amia Turner at

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