Baronial Officers

Baroness Bridge:

Baroness Avelina Keyes

Required Officers

Seneschal: Baroness Caelia Blackwolf

Deputy: Lady Vitalia la Soleil      e-mail

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Lord Ælfwine Akeworthe

DuPont Pursuivant (Herald): Nuno Cabral do Mar

Knight Marshal: Lord Dorne of Clan Sutherland

Deputy: Lord Ælfwine Akeworthe      e-mail

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Lady Cristina Volpina

Chatelaine: Lady Amia Turner

Chronicler: Eógan Rauðskeggr

Minister of the List: Lady Vitalia la Soleil

Additional Officers

Magister: Lady Arabella Alexander

Archivist/Historian: Baroness Auriana filia Germani

Keeper of the Custumal: Baron Steffan ap Kennydd

Webminister: Lady Lucinda de la Tambour

Deputy: Lord Ælfwine Akeworthe      e-mail